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Colorful Screen Polishing Machine UTouch-29S


                       Colorful Screen Polishing Machine UTouch-29S

The technical features of optical fiber grinder are as follows: the existing 550 grinder control panel is controlled and adjusted by press switch and manual timer.

① UTOUCH-29S semi-automatic optical fiber grinding machine uses LCD touch screen to control the whole process of the machine through PLC.

② UTOUCH-29S semi-automatic optical fiber grinder can set 1-10 processes or more. The grinding time, speed and pressure you need can be set for each pass, and the time, speed and pressure can be different for each pass.

③ At the beginning of grinding, it will automatically jump from the first process to the second process after grinding, and from the second process to the third process after grinding. And so on, it will automatically return to the first process and enter the next grinding after the grinding process is completely set.

④ UTOUCH-29S semi-automatic grinder can set different grinding time, speed and pressure for different products to each process. For example: SC / UPC, FC / UPC, LC / UPC, St / UPC, SC / APC, FC / APC, LC / APC, just choose one of them. It will preset the program of automatic grinding, so that each product can get the process they want.

⑤ When the machine is started, it can be started with uniform acceleration, so that the ground product will not be damaged.

⑥ The machine is equipped with a counting system, that is, the number of discs to be ground every day. How many discs need to be changed

⑦ All products are of the same quality and all materials are heat treated. Long service life and low failure rate.

⑧ The machine is equipped with a disk number clearing system. The machine is equipped with a forward and reverse rotation. In order to make the grinding effect better, the machine is also equipped with a grinding compensation function. The grinding time can be automatically adjusted according to the number of times the grinding plate is used.

The grinding program is controlled by PLC, which can store 10 kinds of grinding process. Changing different products only needs to select the corresponding grinding program, which can realize the accurate control of grinding process. Improve the quality stability, simplify the operation process and strength, reduce the impact of human uncertainties.

Product switching is simple, any product switching can automatically adjust equipment (such as SC and LC switching), 3D interference can reach 100% qualified rate.

1. The invention of UTOUCH-29S semi-automatic grinding machine is a technological revolution. The machine is stable and durable, without jumping, easy to use, and the qualified rate is as high as 100%.

2. UTOUCH-29S semi-automatic lapping machine has been verified by actual lapping, and the 3D (curvature semi-automatic, vertex offset, fiber height) passing rate of fiber end face reaches 100%. Compared with the existing 550 type grinder, it is more than 20% higher, the grinder consumables are saved by 30%, the labor is saved by 20%, and the work efficiency is doubled. The cost is greatly reduced.

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