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Darkhorse H9 FTTX Fusion Splicer


Darkhorse H9 FTTX Fusion Splicer

Product Introduction:

Ultrafast splicing time of 6 seconds

With replaceable all-in-one fixture, applies to a variety of optical fiber type (250um, 900um, 3.0mm, indoor fiber)

With 4.3" high-definition touch display screen, humanized operation intece, rapid optimization menu, can be two-way operated

Automatic splicing, automatic heating, supporting hot melt head splicing

USB intece provided, for convenient upgrade and data transmission

The traditional design of wind cap reflector is canceled, the design is more compact, with lower failure rate

The charger and battery are combined, normal charging splicing can be conducted without impacting the operation

The high-definition LCD panel is with self-provided engineering plastic protective layer, not easily damaged

The electrode bar and cleaver blade are replaceable with the mainstream fusion splicers and cleavers

In small size, equipped with a super-small portable box

Dustproof, waterproof, wind resistant, resistance to fall off

With two-year warranty, worry-free to use


Splicing method

Adjustable core clad alignment (four-motor)

Actual average loss

SM(0.03dB) | MM(0.01dB) | DS(0.05dB) | NZDS(0.05dB) | G.657(0.02dB)

Types of applicable optical fiber


0.25mm,0.9mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.0mm,Indoor Cable

Boot time

9S only

Splice time

Typical splicing time 6S

Cleaving length

Optical fiber diameter 250um -1000um coating layer (the cleaving length is 10-16mm)

Coating diameter


Cladding diameter


Heating period

Typical heating time 20S (fastest 15S)

Heating mode

With various built-in heating modes (40mm, 60mm, hot melt head connector)

Estimated splice loss




Electrode lifespan

Electric discharge > 3,500 times

Storage function of splicing results

2,000 latest records can be stored


Standard Micro HDMI intece provided

Battery capacity

3000mAh weldable heating 120-core

Charging time

3 hours

Tension test


Return loss


Power supply

AC power 100-240V, DC power 12.6V/1.8A


4.3" color LCD touch screen


2 CCD camera system

Optical fiber display

X axis and Y axis separate or X/Y simultaneous display, with the display mode of 7 kinds of fusion image

Optical fiber amplification and display

The magnification can be 300/130 times

Hot melt head compatible

Nice compatibility, the optical fiber fixture and heater are both with hot melt head fusion accessories


1.44kg (1.69kg,battery included)


134 x 137 x 127mm

Operating conditions

Elevation 0-5000 m, temperature -10~50℃, relative humidity 0~95%

Storage conditions

Temperature -40 to 80℃, relative humidity 0~95%, battery -20~30℃


High precision optical fiber cleaver

Hexagon wrench

Cleaver pouch

Power adapter

Battery pack

AC power cord

Extra electrodes

Shoulder strap

Cooling tray

Carrying case key

Carrying strap

Carrying case


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