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FA Fiber Array Interferometer


FA Fiber Array Interferometer

FA is the first interferometer for fiber array measurement. Fiber array plays an important role n 40G 100G transceivers and geometry parameters of the fiber arrays affect the quality of the modules. FA can test the geometry parameters of fiber arrays such as angle, fiber height and ensure the 40G,100G modules.

It is equipped with auto focus functions, it is equipped a fixture for fiber arrays with various width. It is able to measure up to 72 core fiber arrays and change the fixtures to fit different polish angles. The FA will fulfill the demand of fiber array measurement.

I Fiber Array Surface Interferometry System 

FA fiber array endface interferometer is able to analyze the geometry parameters of fiber arrays and provide 3D graphic images of endface. The test result will greatly improve the quality in manufacturing duration. It has auto focus function and is able to measure 72 cores once with high accuracy and high speed. The FA can measure the parameters below:
(1)Polishing angle
(2)Tilt angle
(4)Fiber high and fiber high deviation

 II Auto focus  

FA is able to focus automatically and provide precise test result.

 III Fixtures for Fiber Arrays 

The fixtures are designed for fiber arrays of different width.

IV 72 core Fiber Array Measurement in One Test.  

The software can test the 72 core fiber array in one click.


1 to flat
Fiber Height*(nm)
Y Angle *(°)
8 or 45
X Angle *(°)
Test Speed (s)
8s in 8 cores
X Range
Light Source
Red light LED


Auto focus

Auto change fiber position

Different fixture to fit different angle

Up to 72 core fiber array   


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