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Fiber Microscope(HK-Y400)


High Magnification Fiber Microscope(HK-Y400)

Fiber Microscope Features: The fiber microscope * X axis Y axis "columnar
Adjustment knob" can the up and down or so comprehensive
Adjustment (5.5 X 4.0 mm)

* The fiber microscope has multi axial orientation
* The fiber microscope is high definition, high resolution
* This fiber microscope adapter insert mouth right, the two "underside disk adjustment knob to the right rotation to be" fixed location of the selected fiber core image. Solves this type of the original money can't fixed the drawbacks.

The fiber microscope is at high magnification
* Observations can be tested fiber end any part, to avoid the point and high-definition asynchronous conflict.
* Inserted core accurate positioning, image is clear, fiber core image easy positioning center
* Image input black-and-white monitors, also can choose the computer display.
* Captioned corresponding adapter, can detect MTRJ inserted core 'type and finished product type, MTP, MPO, MT, FA etc connectors. The fiber microscope need not inserted dial the connection head can continuously measure MTRJ 2 fiber core and MTP 12 core, 48 cores, 72 core. The Fiber Microscope is simple operation fast!
* The fiber microscope especially applicable to the production and MTP, MTRJ jumper wire manufacturer.

Interface  FC, SC, LC/PCE2000, MTRJ, MPO
Magnification 80x        200x      400x
Display Device 9 B& W display
Input Voltage  12V
Storage Temp.  -20— +60 degrees
Net weights  1.4 kg
Dimension117mm x 79mm x 79mm

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