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Fiber Optical OptiTap MINI-SC Fiber Connector


Fiber Optical OptiTap MINI-SC Fiber Connector


New design FIBERCAN Toptap SC FTTA outdoor patch cord assemblies provide an cost effective, easy, environmental seal and mechanical protection for 1 fibers simplex SC style connections. Inside cover can protect ferrule end face far away scratch when mating with receptacle; Special fool-proofing design equal to HUAWEI Mini SC connector has blind-mating function; One hand Bayonet-style mechanical latch. The assemblies guarantee an easy, one-step connection system with the combined push-pull insertion and bayonet-style mechanical latch. It provides quick installation solutions and has good performance on mating receptacle / Adapter. Cable can be armoured or non-amoured. The industrial panel-mount, plastic adapters serve as a sealed feed-through for the fiber connection. The new industrial integrated flange-mount adapters are designed for tight, side-by-side applications.

Features :


1. Cost effective solution for in house termination

2. IP67 Water immersion and Dust protection for hash environment.

3. Chemical Resistance.

4. Simple assembly requiring no special tools ·

5. Push-pull insertion with bayonet-style mechanical latch provides easy installation and removal

6. Durable mechanical mating, minimum of 500 matings.

7. Wide range of operational temperature for outside plant -40 to+85°C

8. SC/APC IL<0.3 typically.

9.100% optically tested to ensure quality performance assemblies.


Application :

1; Telecom networks 5G tower;


3; Broadband; 




InsertionLoss(IL)                  (IEC 61300-3-4)MMSM Super PCSM Ultra PCSM Angle PCSM Angle PC Premiun
0.15dB type0.15dB type0.15dB type0.15dB type0.1dB max
ReturnLoss(RL)                    (IEC 61300-3-4)>30dB>45dB>50dB>60dB*
Operating temperature﹣40℃ to ﹢50℃
Durabilitymin 1000 cycles
Assemblityglue and polish
Connectionphysical contact
Lock   mechanismcoupling nut and snap-on
StandardsTelcordla GR-3120
Ferrule   materialfull ceramic zirconia

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