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Fiber Polishing Machine(HK-13H)


Fiber polishing machine HK-13H

The HK-13H can process each kind of standard fiber optic connector: FC, LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ, E2000, SMA905, FA and so on.

It use the alloy gear drive, the polishing plate diameter reaches 127mm, the performance is stable.

The compression, the fiber polishing machine unloading and the replacement of jig and polishing film is convenient and quick.

Our HK-13H is processing quality is stable, percentage of products sent back for repair is low.

The polisher's production efficiency is high (may several machines compose production lines)

This machine using the consumable material can be saved, cost is low.

The fiber grinder's speed is controllable, can be adjusted as necessary (0~200rpm)

It can grind other similar products.

The outward appearance design is more succinct and natural.

Input voltage100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Polishing cycle2.5mins
Polishing chassis diameter112mm 
External diameter of bottom plate126mm
Inside diameter of bottom plate112mm
Polishing chassis beating≤ 5um 
Polishing time setting0~999.99s 
Counterweight pressure  2.1~3.6kgf/cm 
Heavy punch500g or 250g 
Stress arm4 phase shifter
Pressure wayby one hammerInsert Loss0.3 dB (SM)
0.2 dB (MM)
Polishing capacity(max)SC, FC, ST: 12units LC: 16unitsReturn Loss50 dB (PC)
60 dB (APC)
Polishing connector typeFC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTP, MPO, MTRJ and so onRadius  10~25mm 
Motor speeed200rpm rotation, 2rpm revolutionOffset50 μ M 
Dimension200*400*500mmUnder cut  50nm 
Film size4' 'Repeatability  0.1dB 
Weight20KGInterchangeability  0.2 dB 

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