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Fusion Splicer(HK-280)


Fiber Fusion splicer (HK-280)

1 Fusion splicer General information
This manual contains complete performance and operation for fusion splicer. The fusion splicer uses the high-speed image process technology and special exact orientation technology, so that the whole process of fiber fusion can be finished in 9 seconds automatically. This fueion splicer designed LCD monitor, it makes each process of fiber fusion clear. Because of small bulk, light weight and AC\DC power supply, the fusion splicer is the same with the project and maintenance of telecommunications, cable TV, railway, petrochemistry, electric power, army, police and scientific research organizations.

1.1 Fusion splicer Applicable range
SM (Single-mode), MM (Multi-mode) silex-fiber
125μ M outer diameter (standard)
0.2~1.5mm outer coating diameter
Fiber cleaved length: 16mm (standard)

1.2 Fusion splicer Specifications:
@ Screen: 5 inches color LCD Monitor
@ Display: Display X and Y axis simultaneously
@ Environment: Temperature: -10~50degrees
Storage: -40~60degrees
Humidity: <95%RH (without dew)
Storage humidity: No dew
@ Average fusion loss: 0.02dB (SMF), 0.01dB (MMF)
@ Average fusion time: 9secs. (standard SM)
@ Average heat time: 30 secs. (Setting heat time optionally)
@ Fusion program: 12(templet), 188(user)
@ Internal light(setting fiber at night)
@ Internal heater
@ Setting the parameters: Testing end-face angle, Push distance, Pre-fusion current, Pre-fusion time, Fusion current, Fusion time etc.
@ Power supply(average): Alternating Current: 100-240V 50Hz / 60Hz 30W
Direct Current: 13.5V/5A/ 25W
@ Fusion results storage: 5000
@ Inner Li-ion battery and AC adaptor
@ Appearance: 150mm (length) x150mm (width) x160mm (height)
@ Weight: 3.52 Kg (with battery module)

2 Terms about fusion splicer
During operating the fusion splicer by menu, you will find some terms,
The meanings are as follows:
Heat time: Fusion splicer sets up heat time. (Unit: 30 Seconds)
Surface angle: Fusion splicer Allowed maximum cleaved slope angle when fusion splicer checking the end-face.
Push: Process that electromotor drives fiber to move forward during splicing.
Fusion splicer Push speed: The electromotor controls delay of unit during arc splicing, while push speed Slower, the moving speed of fiber becomes faster.
Pre-fusion: Process that fusion splicer arcs little current while doesn't push fiber during splicing.
Fusion: Process that fusion splicer arcs proper current and pushes fiber during splicing.
Fusion push: The quantity of pushing fiber during splicing.
Gap: Space between left and right fibers' end-face that set up by fusion splicer before splicing.
Calibration: Process that fusion splicer adjusts the warp between left and right fiber to make Them are collinear during splicing.
Test: Fusion splicer arcs to revise arc position and arc current automatically.
Cleaning electrode: Part high temperature gasifies the impurity on electrode's surface during arc.
Arc position: The opposite position between arc and fiber during arcing. (Eyeballing optionally)
Adjusting system parameters: Zero to inner parameters of machine. You needn't operate the
Fusion splicer usually.

  S/N  Description  Model No.  Qty  Remark
  1  Fusion splicer  Fusion splicer  1  Main body
  2  Power supply modules  01-26L7  1  Accessories
  3  Carrying case  04-26C
(with belt)
  1  Accessories
  4  Spare electrodes  09-26C  1  Accessories
  5  Cooling tray    Accessories
  6  AC power cord    Accessories
  7  Power adaptor    Accessories
  8  Cleaning Brush    Accessories
  9  Plastic nipper    Accessories
  10  Screen cover    Accessories
  11  User manual CD   1  Accessories
  12  Packing List   1  Accessories
  13  Certificate and Test report   1  Accessories
  14  Warranty Card   1  Accessories

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