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Fusion Splicer(HK-300T)


Fusion Splicer HK-300T

Fusion Splicer Features
The fusion splicer is core to core alignment by PAS technology
( PAS: Profile Alignment System)
This fusion splicer is digital fusion splicer with automatic focus function
Fiber core can be display clearly
The fusion splicer is single X or Y view and X & Y view simultaneously
Auto detect cleaved endface fault
The fusion splicer display fiber cleaved and offset angle
Display core and clad offset
5.6 inch TFT color LCD monitor with clear digital image display
USB & VGA interface
Software upgrade via USB interface

Fusion Splicer Specefications
Fusion splicer Model: HK-300T
Applicable fibers: SM (ITU-T G. 652), MM (ITU-T G. 651), DS (ITU-T G. 653), NZDS (ITU-T G. 655)
Fiber cleaved length: 8~16mm(Coating diameter: 250µ M)
16mm(Coating diameter: 250 ~ 1000µ M)
Fiber diameter: Cladding diameter: 80 ~150µ M
Coating diameter: 100~ 1000μ M
Fiber Count: Single
Fiber aligning method: Core or clad aligning

Technical parametersSpecification
Applicable fibersSM, MM, DS NZDS
Fiber cleaved length8-16mm(Coating diameter: 100-1000um)
Fiber diameter  cladding diameter: 80-150um    Coating diameter: 100-1000um
Fiber count   one
Fiber mode  Automatic, standard, normal, special   
Fiber aligning methodCore calibration, surface calibration, manual calibration
Image processing methoddigital
Actual average splice loss0.02dB(SM), 0.01dB(MM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)
Splicing time9sec(standard SM fiber)
Splicing mode53(template ), 40(users)
Splice loss estimateThe more accurate
Retun loss60dB
Storage of splice result40000results, every result has 20  parameters
Fiber display and magnification300X(X or Y direction 0    150X(X and Y direction)
Tube heating time30sec
Tube heating mode9(template ), 24(users)
Tube heating temperatureadjustable
Applicable pritsction sleeve length60mm, 40mm, and A series of sleeves
Tension test2N
Electrode life2500
No. of splice/heating with batteryThe typical 160 cycle(Using lithium battery welding and tube tube heating)
Display screenTFT LCD monitor 5.6 inches color
Image change overOptical fiber images can be reversed placement
TerminalsUSB 1.1 and VGA
Operating condition  Above 0-5000, according to the circumstances of the corresponding 0-95% RH and - 10-50 degrees, the scope of maximum speed 15m/s
Power supplyAC 100-240V corresponding AC adapter, Internal lithium battery(6600mAH)
Weight2-7kg (includen' t battery)

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