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Fusion Splicer(HK-730)


Fiber Fusion splicer (HK-730)

Fusion splicer is used in different outdoor environment for fiber
Splicing"field splicing", User must be aware that arc fusion splicing
Maybe brings some dangers.
The fusion splicer used reversible monitor with control panel on each side
The fusion splicer is color LCD monitor & 256 magnification
Compact & Light weight
The fusion splicer is large capacity internal battery
Max. Wind velocity of 15m/s.
8 Sec. Splice time, 40 Sec. Tube-heat time
Simultaneous X and Y views
SYSTEM TEST ensures the best working condition

The fusion splicer user programmable
Auto check fiber end face
Auto calibrate parameters
Store 8000 groups of splice results
Multiple language options

1. Never operate the fusion splicer in an environment where flammable liquids Or vapors exist. Risk of dangerous fire or explosion may result from The electrical arc in such an environment.

2. Do not use the fusion splicer near any hot equipment or in any place of high temperature. Possible equipment failure or fire may result.

3. Do not touch the fusion splicer, AC power cord and AC plug if your hand is wet. Possible electric shock may occur.

4. Do not operate the fusion splicer if water condensation is present on surface of fusion splicer. This may result in electric shock or equipment Failure.

5. The fusion splicer is precision adjusted and aligned. Do not allow the unit

Technical parametersSpecification
Applicable fibersSingle mode and multi mode silica based
optical glass fiber
Cladding diameter    100 – 150um
Coating diameter          0.1-1.0mm
Cleave LengthStandard spec        16mm
Mean Splice Loss
(Note 1)
Single mode fiber      Typ. 0.02dB
Dispersion shifted fiber      Typ. 0.04dB
Multi mode fiber      Typ. 0.01 Db
Mean Splice Time
(Note 2)
Typ. 9 seconds
Fiber Protection
Sleeve Shrinking
Time (Note 3)
40mm    60mm sleeve    Typ. 40seconds
Dimensions170mm(W)    170mm (D)    140mm(H)
Weight3.3 kg
Battery/Charger  -01 with battery charge function
Input power    85 to 260 V(47 to 63HZ)
Output power   9 to 3v      Ah
Proof Test ForceStandard spec.   Approx. 1.96N  200gf
Program testAtmospheric pressure(maximum altitude    5000m)
temperature and humidity. Automatic calibration by
observing distance of the GAP during arc discharge
Wind ResistanceMaximum permissible wind velocity: 15m/s
Type of
Splice Mode
Program of
Splice Mode
Storage of
Splice Results
8000 splice results in internal memory

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