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Pass Light Pen(HK-9P)


Pass light pen General (HK-9P)

The pass light pen specializes for the site operation and maintenance personnel, to test fiber break and connector testing, the pass light pen is pen type design convenient to take. Visual point of failure, positioning accurately and quickly.

The pass light pen has high performance laser diode at 650nm
The pass light pen is easy operation to use only one key
The Pass light pen is 2.5mm universal adapter to avoid complex conversion
External 1.25 mm connecting interface
Heat temperature ageing test before going out
Pass light Pen can overcome the OTDR dead zone.
Pass light Pen has strong penetration power. It see clearly the point of failure to thoroughly mm PVC.
High-power, high stability.

Output Power1mW
Fiber  Identified Distance> 8km(visible)
Fiber ModelSM, MM
Optical Interface2.5mm universal adapter
Battery Operating Time20 hours(2 AA batteries)
Operating Temperature(º C)-10~+60
Storage Temperature(º C)-25~+80
Dimension (without connector)(mm)Φ 24× 185
Unit Weight(kg)228

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