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Pneumatic Compressor(HK-5P)


Pneumatic Compressor HK-5P

This pneumatic compressor can be suitable for all kinds of connectors, including integral and bulk type conenctors.
This pneumatic compressor by pneumatic control, low noise, no pollution, easy operation.
The pneumatic compressor air cylinder adjustment easily, just adjust the air pressure, can achieve the pressure the machine need, speed also can be adjustedthe pneumatic compressor is simple and convenient
The pneumatic compressor is high quality steel building, fine manufacture and durable.

A The pneumatic compressor used in assembly connectors, ceramic core metal in the tailstock and other small parts crimp assembly.
B By changing the pressure parts, pneumatic compressor can adapt to different parts assemble crimping.
C The pneumatic compressor pressure can adjust and adapt to the different products
D This pneumatic compressor simple operation, reliable, and high production efficiency
E Pneumatic compressor processing quality is stable
F Pneumatic compressor aintenance, maintenance is simple and convenient
G Pneumatic compressor can provide connectors crimping mold, adapter and metal tail mode
H The pneumatic compressor according to your needs, ordering different pressure meet components

  Dimension  15*22*30cm 
  Input Voltage100-120AC/200-240VAC 
  Power Consumption10w 
  Air Compress0.6-0.9Mpa 

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