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Pneumatic Crimping Machine(HK-9P)


Copper Plated Pneumatic Crimping Machine HK-9P

1. Pneumatic crimping machine is independent of Homk developed a high-performance fiber optic connector crimping device.

2. The pneumatic crimping machine is used for connectors assembling and ferrule tailstocks' and other products' pressure assembling; This pneumatic crimping Machine can crimp a variety of connectors. Pneumatic power, efficient and safe, simple operation and spare parts for a variety of fiber-crimping by a number of customers testing.

3. This pneumatic crimping machine usage barometric is not lower than 0.6-0.9Mpa and the maximum pressure is 300kgfs; This type of pneumatic crimping machine is adapt to different accessory assembling and pressure by replacing different forks;

4. For more, the pneumatic crimping machine pressure is adjustable and can adapt to different products;
The pneumatic crimping machine is easy to operate, reliable, and with high working efficiency;

5. The pneumatic crimping machine device performance, stable quality, and Pneumatic crimping machin is easy and convenient to maintain; Access to customer's praise, is current on the market, one of best-selling varieties.

  Dimension  15*22*30cm 
  Input Voltage100-120AC/200-240VAC 
  Power Consumption10w 
  Air Compress0.6-0.9Mpa 

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