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Polishing Disc(2.5/SC/FC/ST)


100% Original Swiss S136 Hand Polishing Disc(2.5/SC/FC/ST) By HOMK Exclusive Manufacturing

The hand polishing disc designed inside and outside rims for improved hand positioning while performing the polishing operation.

The 2.5 /SC/FC/ST hand polishing disc "Universal" design fits most 1.25mm ferrule connectors including: LC, MU connectors

This disc also be design to channeled, raised base
Allows debris to escape easily and provide for easy polishing action

The hand polishing disc is used for manufacturing a small-lot connectors, whilst the hand polishing disc be for repairing some
Connectors, while you are in the field.

It is high quality hand polishing disc for fiber optic connectors. We have many models of the hand polishing disc:

FC/APC, SC/APC, LC/APC, FC/PC, SC/PC, LC/PC, MTP/PC, MU/PC, MU/APC and so on. Welcome contact me, thanks!

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