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Splice Tray


       Splice tray-12 cores(A)                    Splice tray-16 cores                      Splice tray-12 cores (B)                 Splice tray-12 cores(C)


       Splice tray-24 cores(A)                    Splice tray-24 cores(B)                 Splice tray-24 cores(C)                 Splice tray-24 cores(D)


     Flange blocking frame(4/6)                Fiber minder device                      Patch cord minder loop                   Poke protector


     1/16 splitter shell(plastic)                    1/8 splitter shell (metal)                Fiber manager                                 Sealing tape(coil)


       Sealing tape(line)                                 Insulated robber belt                     Wire to earth                                     Hanging hook


        Patch cord minder device                     Retainer                                          Heat shrinkable tube                    Water-proof connector


         Branch device                                          Holding device                             Protective sleeve                          Belt protective sleeve


         Fiber protective tube                           Belt protective tube

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