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Sumitomo Fusion Splicer(T-39)


Sumitomo Fiber Fusion Splicer(T-39)

Sumitomo fusion splicer is from Janpan
Sumitomo fusion splicer(T-39) is FastCat™ Core Alignment Sumitomo fusion splicer is the industry's first splicer to feature a Dual-Automatic Heater System featuring Auto Start Heater and Auto Start Splice functions _ making the FastCat the fastest splicer available today.

The Sumitomo fusion splicer(T-39) is fastCat's advanced electronic design, which accomodates the built-in dual heating system and simultaneous operation, reduces the bottle neck of "heater wait time" by 88%. Sumitomo fusion splicer with an individual heater cycle time of only 30 seconds (60mm Fiber Protection Sleeves) and a splice cycle of only 9 seconds, the FastCat improves splicing efficiency by 70%.

The Sumitomo fusion splicer(T-39) be FastCat is a fully automatic, highly portable, self-contained instrument for creating quick and effortless low-loss optical fiber splices in any environment with a typical splice Loss of only. 02(dB) for identical single-mode fiber. The Sumitomo fusion splicer is designed to work with virtually all fiber types including single-mode, multimode, dispersion shifted and other specialty fibers.

The Sumitomo fusion splicer(T-39) utilizes precision High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring (HDCM) technology to form repeatable low-loss splice results. HDCM and Dual Heater technologies, combined with Sumitomo Electric's track record for reliability and customer support, make the FastCat The industry's new standard for fusion splicers.

Sumitomo fusion splicer Features:
1. RoHS Compliant
2. Dual Independent Splice Protection Heaters
3.5.6" Switchable Color Monitor for Front to Back or Back to Front Operation
4. Automatic Splice Start
5. Automatic Heater Start
6. Automatic Fiber Profiling Detection
7. Complete Splice in Less than 40 Seconds
8. Built-In LED for V-Groove Illumination
9. User-Friendly Menu Selection System
10.24-Hour Technical Support via 888-SPLICER

Sumitomo fusion splicer TYPE-39
Optical fiber
Requirements Material Silica Glass
Profile types SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF
Fiber diameter 80 to 150 μ M
Fiber coating diameter 0.25mm Non-0.25mm
Cleave length 8~16mm 16mm.

Requirements Material Silica GlassProof test  1.96N(200gf)
Profile types SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSFAutomatic arc testProvided
Fiber diameter80 to 150 μ MSize/Weight Size150(W) x 150(D) x 150(H) mm
Fiber coating diameter  0.25mm Non-0.25mmWeight 2.9kg (including PS-66)
Cleave length  8~16mm 16mm
Monitor   5.6" TFT color monitor
Performance Splice loss (typical) SMF  0.02dB, MMF: 0.01dB, DSF: 0.04 dB,
NZ-DSF: 0.04dB (With Sumitomo identical fibers)
Power supply Power requirement AC operation, Battery operation, Car battery operation (option)
Splice cycle time Approx9 seconds (Quick Mode)Battery moduleNiMH (10.5 ~15V)
Heat cycle time 25 seconds 40mm sleeve, 30 seconds 60mm sleeveAC Input100V ~ 240V (50/60Hz)
Splice & heat cycles per battery Approx100 (with BU-66S), Approx. 200 (with BU-66L)
Programs Splice programs Max. 48
DC Input DC12V [for PC-V66 (option)]
Heating programs Max20Terminals DC output terminalDC-12V ( for JR-5/JR-5B)
Functions Loss estimationProvidedUSB portUSB 1.1 type-B
Splice data storage10000 splicesVideo output terminal RCA jack NTSC
  Operating temperature  -10-50º C

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