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Ultrasonic Cleaner(HK-16U)


Ultrasonic Cleaner HK-16U

1. The ultrasonic cleaner wave generator: Generates ultrasonic electrical signal.

2. The ultrasonic cleaner transducer: Converts the ultrasonic electrical power generated by the ultrasonic wave generator to high-frequency mechanical oscillation into the cleanser for ultrasonic cleaning.

3. This ultrasonic cleaner washing trough: Holds the ultrasonic cleanser. The ultrasonic cleaner be washed in this trough.

4. Out this ultrasonic Cleaner heating system: Within a certain range based on liquid temperature control heating turned on, cleaning required to maintain the temperature.

5. The ultrasonic cleaner appliance control part: Provide power and control to the host.

1Size of inner slot240*145*120mm240*145*120mm300*190*160mm
4Ultrasonic frequency28KHz/40KHz28KHz/40KHz28KHz/40KHz
5Vibrative directionBottomBottomBottom
6Cable length1.5M1.5M1.5M
7Container materrialSUS304SUS304SUS304
8Main body materialA3A3A3
9The door materialA3bake paintA3bake paintA3bake paint
10Power220V± 10%220V± 10%220V± 10%
11Wash basketIn addition buyIn addition buyIn addition buy

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