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Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine(HK-5G)


Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine HK-5G

The ultrasonic cleaning machine features:
A, Ultrasonic cleaning machine work time 1-20 minutes arbitrary adjustable, the ultrasonic cleaning machine be suitable for different occasions use;
B, Ultrasonic cleaning machine adopt stainless steel screen argon welding forming, improve the result of cleaning.
C, Ultrasonic cleaning machine shell adopts the high quality thick stainless steel plate production, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable beautiful and easy.

D, Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning slot adopts the high quality stainless steel to a stamping, no welding place, waterproof properties is better.
E, Ultrasonic cleaning machine uses the high quality import parts, ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, strong power, good effect of cleaning.
F, The original import high Q transducer, power is strong and stable
G, Automatic walls temperature system-80 degrees can be adjusted
H, High quality generator can be 24 hours of continuous work, adapt to mass production. This ultrasonic cleaning machine have (40, 68, 80, 120, 170, 1000) kHz. Can customize according to customer's request, the effect is better

Ultrasonic cleaning machine application:
Ultrasonic cleaning machine use purpose: Objects, degassing cleaning and disinfection, emulsification, blending, replacement, extraction.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine use department: Industrial and mining enterprises, universities and colleges scientific research units laboratory; The hospital; Electronic workshop assembly line; Clocks optician's, jewelry store; Family.
Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning objects: Electronic products, machinery, hardware accessories, glasses, jewelry, watches, COINS, fruit, etc.

Suitable for:
Electronic parts, electroplating, hardware, clock and watch, machinery, tools, optical lenses, jewelry, semiconductor wafer, glass and other industrial cleaning.

ModelFrequency of operationOutput power
Inner size(mm)Heating power
HK1004D40KHz200W250x200x210— —

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