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2.5mm Connector cleaning kit(HK-C25)


2.5mm Connector cleaning kit(HK-C25)

Item: Connector cleaning kit    Product Name:Connector cleaning kit

It is necessity to clean connectors,even if the optical  fiber connector  end face with invisible or small particles, are likely  to lead to the  light signal is blocked.Or cause reflection to damage fiber.Even might  damage the light source, which causes great damage to the whole communication system as a result, before use connector,must  clean its’  end face.

New type of optical fiber connector cleaning kit  is one  of the most  popular in optical fiber cleaning tools, its design  replacing the traditional clean cotton sticks and alcohol.slightly  press can remove  blot and oil on connectors head connector cleaning kits is a kind of using special  non-alcoholic  material, to clean the SC, FC,ST,LC ect Without alcohol  to wipe, then  can easily remove dirt, oil and debris.For the  convenience of operation,  the basic design into a pen shape.

The main list below:
2.5 mm clean pen, clean SC/ST/FC adapter/connector
(which can clean male,female,PC,APC types all can clean)

Litetime more than 800 times
Antistatic design, ensure that connector is not affected by the dust of the secondary pollution on the cleaning effect of water and oil is higher than the traditional cotton swabs cleaning rod
In pieces easily clean connector and flange end face and fixed module

Clean connector,adapter ect end face,the kit’s length can adjust,male and female connector or adapter all can clean.

Rotate for 180 degrees,which can full clean.

After finish clean,warning sound like”kata”

Simple and easy to use and carry.

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