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Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine(HK-G99)


Automatic Glue Dispensing Machine HK-G99

The Automatic glue dispensing machine is used for FC. SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrule, can

Inject 12*8 PCS one time, this automatic glue dispensing machine's all datas has

Been adjust in our factory, you just put the ferrule with tailstock into holes, then pour

Glue into the syringe, last press the start switch can complete automatic control 1 to

108 PCS inject glue work. After work, automatic glue dispensing machine's head

Will stop and back start position, wait for next inject work.

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Connector typeFC, SC, ST, 2.5mm ferrule
Quantity of holes(by one plate)108pcs
Power supplyAC 220V
Consumed power< 200W/H
Air pressure0.5WP

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