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CE Fiber Polishing Machine(HK-20K)


CE Fiber polishing machine HK-20K

The HK-20Kcan process each kind of standard fiber optic connector: FC, SC, LC, ST, MTRJ, MPO, MTP, E2000 and so on.

This machine can polishing 18~40 connectors one time, the fiber polishing machine is suitable extremely for the volume production, this fiber polishing machine is square pressurized by the spring, the operation is simple, the fiber polishing machine processing precision high and the uniformity is extremely good. And this type fiber polishing machine is fast processes each kind of connectors with high effect.

It's industrial production qualified rate to be higher, and regardless of grinding 1 or 24, 40connectors, the polishing effect is same, the operation flexibility is high.


The polisher using Japanese electrical machinery (ensuring the movement stable under ultra long time)

This fiber grinder be used the Japanese NSK bearing ( ensuring the internal structure to be stable in the high-speed operation, extending the working life)

The electron primary device is imported from OMRON (ensuring the electrical specification stable)

Our HK-20K's main components are used the material imported from Germany (ensuring the processing precision and the durability)

Pressure way4 coil springInsert Loss 0.3 dB (SM)
0.2 dB (MM)
Polishing capacity(max)SC, FC, ST: 20, 48 units LC: 24, 48unitsReturn Loss50 dB (PC)
60 dB (APC)
polishing connector typeFC, SC, ST, LC, MU, MTP, MPO, MTRJ and so onRadius10~25mm 
Motor speed90rpm rotation, 2rpm revolutionOffset50 μ M 
Dimension230*230*255mmUnder cut50nm 
Film size5' 'Repeatability  0.1dB 
Weight24KGInterchangeability0.2 dB 
Input voltage100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC, 50/60HzWorking Situation Temperature  -10— +40º C
Polishing cycle2.83minsHeavy punch500g or 250g 
Polishing chassis diameter130mm 

Polishing time setting0-3min

Counterweight pressure  2.1~3.6kgf/cm 

Time Range0-300S

Polishing Time 2 min. (quick assembly type)

3-4 min. (standard connectors)

Pressure Range0~5kg 

Precession Speed1.5rpm

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