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Fiber Curing Oven (HK-BX)


HK-BX Box Type Fiber Curing oven

HK-BX is Homk 2012 new machine, it designs like box, so Heating time shorter, great safe to work.
1. This HK-BX uses Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to be clear, the contact surface is friendly.

2. It is suits in fiber connector manufacturer, curing oven uses in curing epoxy of fiber connector& ferrule Such as FC, SC, LC, MU, MT, ST, E2000, MPO, MTRJ etc.

3. The oven inserts core 54 ceramic ferrule, may also curing oven 40PCS of the integral-type connector.

4. The machine temperature and the time establishes freely, the temperature control precision is high, Precise control system, adjustable temperature 0~200degree, temperature control accuracy to +- 1 degree only. And this curing oven control the heating time by designation. The curing oven easy to use and dependable.

5. Curing tooling can be replace, simple operation, this curing oven suitable for curing epoxy resin of various joints, improve production efficiency.

6. According to customer needs, the curing oven customized with different core number and size of the curing tooling heating.

1Technical parametersSpecification
2Heating Temperature40-200degrees
3Dimensions405× 320× 135mm
5Input Voltage100-120VAC/200-240VAC
6Power Consumption800W
8Making Method of ParisonPLD
9TypeFull-Electric Controlled
10Warm up Time(Apporox) About 10min
11Type of production     1.25mm, 2.5mm, SC/FC/ST/LC/MPO/MTRJ all kinds of connectors
12Capacity40 connectors
13MaterialStainless Steel
14Outer CaseBaking Paint for Metal

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