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Fiber Sheat Cutter(HK-W52)


Fiber sheat cutter HK-W52

"Fiber sheat cutter be made in United States Stanley company.

"The handle, gear clip, double sword, and four position adjustable
Eccentric device; Fiber sheat cutter has conversion stem, hex socket screws up.

"Fiber sheat cutter be used for cable diameter 3-32 MM and 6-64mm of cable holder (black).

"After the adjustment eccentric right, will cut into fiber optic cable, and make the parallel with cable.

"with your thumb on blade, the other hand in turn the handle, slowly along the fiber optic cable cut.

"Such as cable skin thicker, fiber sheat cutter can turn to the eccentric position" 1111 ".

"Fiber optic cable special holder (yellow) explains: The eccentric of the four adjustable position according to the degree of outer diameter of cable is and decide, when adjustment with his thumb and forefinger knead the eccentric rotation. (in the opposite direction to cut is the actual position) less than 25 MM, location, " I ". with black tighten device. More than 25 MM, a "II, III, IV", need not tighten device. Cable are in yellow tighten device.

"Cycle test (-40-+80 degree) change < 0.2 dB.

"In case of the fiber sheat cutter blade is damaged, this fiber sheat cuttercan be inside hexagonal screw it up next to replace.

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