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Glue Dispensing Machine(HK-DG)


Glue Dispensing Machine HK-DG

This glue dispensing machine be developped also by Homk. Glue dispensing machine has two jaw for dispensing glue.

The glue dispensing machine in order to meet the requirements of different shapes point glue shape and design, but also some more different shapes of points.

This glue dispensing machine is one kind of the same control circuit and the glue dispensing machine control of two point glue needle tube bull synchronous glue dispensing machine, by a pedal switch control start, just keep stable air pressure, the same time length, drops out of liquid material drops quantity size.

The user can use either one of the two, the glue dispensing machine is suitable for more and perfusion. Vacuum pump control can be adjusted to eliminate the glue dripping phenomenon. Glue time from 0.01-22 seconds into section to move, the basic function.

Power supply voltageAC 220 V plus or minus 10% / frequency 50 Hz Function modeManual/automatic mode (quantitative spit)
Power consumption8 W
 Vacuum back to suckCan adjust the negative pressure than 600 millimeters of mercury
Input pressure3-7 kg/cm2
 Repeat precisionPlus or minus 0.05%
Output pressure0.1-6.5 kg/cm2 Glue frequency600 / cent
Minimum quantity of cement drops0.005 ml Glue time0.01 S to 30 S
Air sourceMore than 0.99 MP Shape dimension235 mm x 225 mm x 63 mm

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