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Handheld Glue Dispensing Machine(HK-G99)


Handheld Glue dispensing Machine HK-G99

There are four methods to adjust the liquid dispensing,
A. Adjusting the pressure of barrel;
B. Adjusting shot time;
C. Vacuum back-flow switch;
D. Adjusting the needle tip.

Via the above-mentioned adjustment methods, stepping on the foot switch can control to dispense the liquid drop equably. (Tolerance is only 0.1%). The handheld glue dispensing machine can realize single dropping, continuous dropping and timing dropping. The single dropping means that stepping the foot switch once dispenses one drop, and this handheld glue dispensing machinecontrol the dropping accuracy with timing control switch. (The accuracy is 0.01s). Continuous dropping means that multiple drops will be dispensed continuously without pressing the foot switch. Timing dropping means that the dispensing is controlled by timing control switch after pressing the foot switch.

Item No.NameUnitQuantity
230CC barrelPCS3
330CC connecting
Assembly (including 1M transparent hose)
5Power cordPCS1
6Foot SwitchPCS1
7Connecting hosePCS1
8Operating InstructionPCS1
9Stand for barrelPCS1

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