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Kevlar Cutter(KS-1)


Kevlar cutter (KS-1)

The kevlar cutter is the best Kevlar shear tool

1. The kevlar cutter is light weight, and kevlar cutter is very applicable to cut the aramid of fiber cable.

2. The kevlar cutter as ergonomically designed, kevlar cutter handle is very comfortable to use.

3. Serrated blade to prevent the unilateral spinning black silk ribbon sliding.

4. The kevlar cutter manufactured by high carbon vanadium molybdenum alloy, the service life is long.

5. Length: 140 mm, weight: 79 g.

ModelKS-1MaterialNodular cast iron
Length1(mm)Entrance size1(mm)
scope of applicationProfessional serrated aramid kevlar scissors

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