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Patch cord(LC-SC OM3)


Fiber Patch cord(LC-SC OM3 DX)

LC-SC OM3 patch cord stands for Lucent Connector.the LC-SC patch cord is a small form-factor fiber optic connector.


LC-SC OM3 patch cord Features:
Low insertion loss, high return loss
Small, light, high dense connection
Standard exact plastic material
High credibility and stability
Good in repeatability and exchangeability

LC-SC OM3 patch cord Application: 
Testing equipment
Optical fiber CATV
Optical communication system 

LC-SC OM3 patch cord Specification:

Parameter       SM(Max)        MM(Max)
Insertion loss      ≤0.3dB       ≤0.3dB
Return loss
       ≥50dB       ≥35dB
Operating temperature  -40℃∽+80℃  -40℃∽+80℃

LC-SC APC patch cord Specification:



Insertion Loss


Return Loss


Operating temperature


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