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Automatic Fiber Polishing Machine(HK-G55A)


Automatic Full-Color Touch Screen Fiber Polishing Machine For MPO Connector(HK-G55A)

HK-G55A is specialized in manufacturing MT, MTP, MPO, MTRJ, E2000 etc conenctor. It is programmable, you can setting time, speed, polishing film, polishing fixture etc before you work.

This Machine is Low rotation speed start, pressure and speed to rise gradually, reduce fiber scratch, prevent ferrule fracture, and polishing quality stable core, lower noise. For more, Password Protection of system configuration, process configuration and Process transfer modules.

The operation is simple, reliable, consumables save, polishing cost be low. This HK-G55A Automatic Full-Color Touch Screen Fiber Polishing Machine can be independent production or form a single assembly line production. Robust Design uses the highest-quality materials.

It is applicable for the following materials and models:

Insert material: ZrO2(Zirconium dioxide)
Insert diameter: 2.5mm, 1.25mm, etc.

The polisher is used to grind insert products with different diameter, or different heads, such as
Plane, tapered plane, etc.

Below is the HK-G55A  function instruction:
1. Powerswitch .Control power supply of machine to switch on/off.
2. PLCHMI .Control speed, time, pressure, etc. Of machine.
3. Bottom disc .Allow revolution and rotation at the same time.
4. Center seat .Fix polishing jig.
5. Pressurepush rod .Apply pressure on polishing jig.
6. Rotating stand button .Control the installation of polishing jig.
7. Water storage. Clean polishing jig and rubber mat.
8. Suspension part .Adjust suspension height of optical fiber.

Pressure wayBy air pressureInsert Loss0.2 dB (SM)
0.2 dB (MM)
Polishing capacity(max)SC, FC, ST: 12, 16, 20units LC: 16, 24unitsReturn Loss50 dB (PC)
60 dB (APC)
Polishing connector typeMTP, MPO, MTRJ, E2000, FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, and so onRadius  10~25mm 
Motor speed2.5 Rotation: rpm Revolution: 0-400rpmOffset50 μ M 
Dimension200*400*500mmUnder cut  50nm 
Film size5' 'Repeatability  0.1dB 
Weight45KGInterchangeability  0.2 dB 
Input voltage100-120VAC, 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC, 50/60Hz  
Polishing cycle1.5mins  
Polishing chassis diameter127mm   
External diameter of bottom plate200mm  
Inside diameter of bottom plate127mm  
Polishing chassis beating≤ 5um   
Polishing time setting0~999.99s   
Counterweight pressure-/+5g  
Heavy punch500g or 250g   
Stress arm5 phase shifter

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