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Fusion Splicer(EFS-150)


Fusion Splicer EFS-150

The Fusion Splicer EFS-150 is a Fibre-splicer made for Single- and Multi- mode fibercables.

We believe that the introduction of Fusion Splicer EFS-150 is elegantly timed as the demand for more and faster broadband is increasing all over the world.

In fact, building of these new "broadband highways" and Fiber to the home Networks will be one of the markets which, hopefully, will lift the world out the global recession!

The Fusion Splicer EFS-150 was designed around 2005 by Swedish engineers and some production was made. However, the market situation was not right for a global launch at the time.

Emitor aquired the product in the beginning of 2010 and have now re-started manufacturing.

We have earlier discussed with the previous distributors of the product and they are all looking forward to start working with the product again.

This means that we now have a network of distributors which will be garantuee to all customers and users that we can maintain good production volumes, low prices, service etc.

The construction of the Fusion Splicer EFS-150 differs a bit from other Fusion Splicers as it was designed with focus on the installer/user. Many of the Splicers on the market are, even if they are very competent, difficult to use and require a lot education before they can be operated. Some are also very fancy (with Color LCD's etc) which make them very costly.

The EFS-150 is very easy to use. It takes about one hour for anyone to learn to use the Splicer and start to work with it. Fusion Splicer EFS-150 is also very robust and can take rough handling.

Even if splicing should take place under good conditions (indoors) it is still designed to be used on the field. The battery-pack can perform some 80 splices before it needs to be recharged.

Last but not the least is the price of the unit! For certain, many customers will be surprised, in a positive way, when they find out the price of this new Splicer!

The Fusion Splicer EFS-150 will be the first in a range of Emitor Fiber products. We are also planning to add on meters, test-devices and other accessories shortly.

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