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MPO PC fiber polishing jig


100% Original Swiss S136 MPO PC Fiber Polishing Jig By HOMK Exclusive Manufacturing

The jig is center pressurization, Independent compression of each connector. Polishing fixture pass rate with Interference> = 98% (100%  Typical, according to IEC), APPEX OFFET is within 24. This polishing jig is high stability and good surface quality.

The fixture using high quality steel with heated treat, the hardened steel S136 provide long service life. This polishing fixture can design the jig of SC, FC, ST, LC, MPO and E2000, FA, etc, according to the customer request.

1. It is used in four corners corners fiber polishing machine, to polishing connectors.

2. This fixture adopt independent pressurized way, eliminate ferrules show the different length effects on polishing.

3. Each one can hold 18 connectors. It has high production efficiency.

4. The plugs of this fixture can be interchanged, extend polishing fixture's life.

5. It has good quality, high efficiency.

6. All kinds of polishing fixture can be customized according by customer requirment.

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