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Quick Assembly Connector


SC Fiber Optic Fast Connector

The fiber optic Quick Assembly Connector is a revolutionary field installable optical fiber connector that no need epoxy and polishing. The unique design incorporates a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ceramic ferrule. 

           Quick Assembly Connector Features 
           1. Field installable,cost effective and user friendly 
           2. Completely mechanical splice, No Electricity required 
           3. Can be assembled in the field within 2 minutes,No consumable materials, not need to maintain. 
           4. Easy and fast to assemble,high success rate.Reliable and superior optical performance. 
           5. May open repeated, raise operation successful ratio at site 
           Quick Assembly Connector Application 
           1. Inside or outside building 
           2. FTTH/FTTP 

           3 Security equipment

Applicable fiberSMMM (50)MM (62.5)
IntermateabilitySC (IEC61754-4)
Operating temperature-40 ~ +75º C
Insertion Loss
           (against master plug)
Typical ≤ 0.2dB
Typical ≤ 0.1dB
Return Loss
           (against master plug)
Typical ≥ 55 dB
Typical ≥ 35 dB

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