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SC/APC SM 2.0&3.0mm Fiber Connector Kit


SC/APC SM 2.0&3.0mm Fiber Connector Kit

Insertion Loss; Single mode<=0.2dB & Multimode<=0.3dB 
Return Loss; PC>=50dB, UPC>=55dB & APC>=65dB 
Durablity <0.2dB typical change, 1000 mating 
Operating Temperature; -40 to 80 

Ferrule Hole Sizes; 
125.0+1/-0um, concentricity<=1.0um 
125.5+1/-0um, concentricity<=1.0um 
126.0+1/-0um, concentricity<=1.0um 
125um concentricity <=3um 
127um concentricity <=3um 
128um concentricity <=3um 

-The connector can be supplied as a pre-assembled one piece connector or as connector kits and one piece. 
-Clips are available for SC and LC duplex connectors 
-PC and APC are available 
-Boots in a variety of colors

ItemLC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, MU, SMA, E-2000, etc
Light CharacteristicOperating Wavelength850nm& 1300nm1310nm & 1550nm
Typical Insertion Loss0.2dB & 0.2dB0.2dB & 0.2dB
Mechanical TestingRepeatability&le; 0.2dB
Exchange&le; 0.2dB
Durability> 1000 (Times)
TemperatureStorage Temperature25 ~+85
Operating Temperature25 ~+85
Length, Color, Out-Diameter, Fiber countsAccording to the customers' requirement

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