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Visual Fault Locator(HK-55)


Visual Fault Locator (HK-55)

The Visual Fault Locator with the red light into fiber. Can be used as the more core cable check. OTDR can't find fault point, because of the high loss caused by slightly curved sections. For example, fiber patch cord, pigtail, naked optical fiber etc.

The Visual Fault Locator main characteristic: The beautiful and fashion; Small and light; The output of the human eye visible red laser; Efficiency into the single-mode and multimode fiber; Use simple "soon pick up" interface; Suitable for all 2.5 mm optical fiber connectors.

Visual Fault Locator Parameter

Laser: LD

Light wavelengths: 640-665 nm

Out power (MAX): 5MW

Pulse output: 1Hz

Optical fiber recognition distance: 2-5km

Output interface: (multifunctionFC\SC\ST)

Continuous working time: 15h

Temperature: -20~ +50degree

Power: 2PC 7#battery

Dimension: 170mm× ∮13.5mm/88g

Package: Box

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